I was starting to write a post on health care and came across numerous blogs and posts on the issue. The major misconception I held was that the health care industry was highly profitable given all the rhetoric, and that competition was a major factor!

The information shows first that the health care industry as a whole shows a very minimal profit margin, 3-7% pre-tax!!! So these companies that are being demonized by Obama as profit whores, clearly does not hold water when the numbers are reviewed.

Second, competition, this does seem to be an issue, without the ability to cross state lines to offer health insurance, this basically means you have 50 independent providers without competition, ultimately the end result of opening up the state lines would increase competition, but further erode the minimal profits these companies now hold, in effect making the game not worth playing!!

The ultimate issue with health care is cost of the provided services, (my bill for 23 hours in the hospital $12366), the general consensus and vague at best is liability!!! So although Tort Reform has been dismissed (due to the powerful trial lawyers lobby) this still appears the best resource to reduce costs. The administration and detractors of the general health care issue, is dealing with the scab and not the reason for the disease!! Otherwise why would a pill I generally pay $10.00 for 100, cost me $25.00 for one dose??

When a business has a tight margin for profit, they are required to generate income in other areas to offset expense, this is basic business. Due to the high cost of liability insurance and rampant law suits along with doctors providing defensive medicine due to the fear of making a mistake this cost has been padded into every nook and cranny of the process.

It would seem that a focus on reducing health care focused on the drivers of the out of control costs, (liability and malpractice insurance) would be a pragmatic point of consensus. The last thing we need is having the government enter into this fray, since it is abundantly obvious they are the last business to look to in producing a product at a profit!!!


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  1. tellitlikeitis says:

    Almost everything they say is recorded public record so it amazes me that they think they can get away with lying. It’s got to be sheer arrogance or just stupidity. I believe the term that describes Obama is pathological liar. At least Clinton lied with some ounce of believability.

  2. karmahd says:

    It is truly baffling that the facts are not know by so many people and Obama can continue to lie and it is accepted as truth!!!!

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  5. goodtimepolitics says:

    Obama can lie and then the democrats get upset with congressmen like Joe Wilson for calling him on his lying, then again Obama has accused the people against his healthcare bill of lying…double standard? The democrats boo President Bush and did they get punish! NO!

  6. pobept says:

    I see only one real way to resolve this socialist democrat attack on America.
    It’s known as midterm elections.
    Vote all the bureaucrats out, replace everyone of them with new faces, new and younger blood, new ideas.
    Replace them with people that are still in touch with American citizens and not obligated to vote for or against any bill because of lobbyist money flowing into their pockets.

  7. karmahd says:

    Pobept, thanks for stopping by, I have been preaching term limits since October of last year, just look at Rangle, 50 years of corruption, and I can name many Republicans I feel the same about. Time to reboot!!

  8. karmahd says:

    Obama is the King Moonbat, and the Liar in Chief, along with all the other career politicians from both parties!

  9. arlenearmy says:

    Obama will continue to lie because he is not going to be held accountable. If you try to call him out on his lies, you will be deemed a racist. Said to report that even the kids are having hard time at school over this Obama-mania.

    The other day, I overheard a woman at Applebees talking about her son not wanting to listen to Obama speech because he did not want to be in a crowded auditorium. Her son was afraid of catching swine flu in a jam packed room of other kids coughing. She said that a black classmate re-acted by calling her son a racist and that he should be willing to die for Obama.

    This is how serious this is getting. The woman said that she was removing her son from the school because she was afraid for his safety.

  10. grumpajoesplace says:

    Great post. I like your position on the insurance industry. It is very pragmatic. People should be aware that the line we are being fed that the insurance companies are making obsene profits is a bunch of bull. Keep on reporting the facts.

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  12. jkshaws says:

    Great Post. I like the blackboard photo. I lived many years in Chgo. Nothing changed.

    I have a friend in Oklahoma City. 10 years ago or more OK passed term limits and now this is one of the most well run, conservative states in the US.

    I assume federal term limits would take a law? Constitutional amendment? Term limits would change everything. Can it be done?JS

  13. ohiobelle says:

    Great post!!

    I’m with Arlene on this. Obama will continue to lie because he’s not going to be held accountable.

    What’s the point of “Obama owning healthcare” if he won’t be here when it really takes effect? Who is going to be held accountable when he leaves in 4 years?

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