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Breaking….Not really, it is becoming clear that Tiger was not on the way to the 7-11 for ice cream when he crashed his SUV the other night, and a quick review of the details left most shaking there heads and muttering WTF? Sources have it that Tiger had a tiff with his wife, and turns out she knows how to swing a golf club pretty well and got the better of Tiger in round one.

Woods who is intensely private, has refused to talk to Florida State troopers two day’s in a row, is said to be resting in his Windemere mansion, continued efforts to “get the facts mam” have been thwarted by his wife. Per Florida law if this is determined to be a domestic dispute mandatory jail time or arrest is SOP. Woods is due to appear this coming Thursday in a golf tournament has not released if he still plans on participating considering his injuries.

Head up Tiger, it happens to the best of us, next time duck!

NEARLY NORMALIZED  Big Woops for Tiger