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You will see I have posted pictures between paragraphs as a way to pause and think, not about my words, but your reaction to them, time to think, then time to act.

I have been blogging now for close to five months and have noticed a change in my personality, I have become much more aggressive and hateful. Although some of this could be to the current condition of our country, and the apparent path it “appears” to be taking I think the situation is the polarization of the current parties that has me most concerned. Never have we as a nation been so divisive in our individual opinions of what is best for this country than right now!


One only has to look at the current polls to see that the current leadership is still running a high approval rating, this fact is and has been common since the time of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the honeymoon as many call it is a time the new candidate can revel in that love/lust mode and can do no wrong. This appears to be difficult for the detractors to take, I myself fall into this group and by doing so I have lost sight and faith in the common sense of our great nation.


In short our United States has been borne from a group of rabble rousing independent minded men, (sorry ladies it was the times) they realized to be free, each individual would have to fight for a unified cause. So stirring were these nation builders that most of the great adaptations of previous societies came together in full force and thus was created our Constitution. No other society has garnered as much wealth, success, or stature since the time of the creation of that document. So I say, ‘Ye have little faith” if you do not believe we will survive this current crisis that has now spread to the entire globe.


I do not wish the current administration any ill will but I also expected them to live up to the platform in which they won the election. Now that the first 100 days have come and gone, I ask each of you to take the responsibility to view what has been done, passed, bastardized, and shoved down the collective throats of the American public. What is the economic focus, how are we going to pay for all this change, are we a more United States or are we a nation divided? All simple questions that should be answered outside of politics and looked at with introspection, not regurgitation of political spin masters or party lines.


Nation is inclusive a body politic, Country, not all have to agree, that is the beauty of the design, but nor should we be at each others throats. The commonality of the success we have achieved has been by our desires to excel, now with this current downturn, albeit the worst we have seen in 60 years, I see many questioning the validity of the system, and have even heard individuals speak of changing the Constitution to better serve the needs of the disenfranchised? Since when is that what our nation stood for, each man woman and child has been offered a chance, a chance of freedom to do as they see fit, no where on Earth is this opportunity greater than within these United States.


The current course of action is to make all men equal, which is where each of us starts per our group of laws, now we are choosing to legislate that right and force all people to be equal, take from the rich give to the poor and place the burden on the middle class, this is not government this is a travesty. I ask each of you that might read this group of thoughts to ask, do we care so little that we loose our voice of reason. Politics was designed to be a short term service to our country a return favor for all she has given us. and like all good systems they become dilitued. altered, and structured for the gain of the few over the many.


Politicians work for us, not us for them, the money they are spending comes from the fruits of our labors, if we are so lucky to have the ability to earn a living. It is time to clean house, reduce government, hold all accountable for the slight of hand and apathy we all have shown. Change we can believe in is, not laying down prostrate and allowing this to happen as if we have no voice. Time to become active, time to do some actual research, time to turn off CNN and Fox News, time to take responsibility for our nation, for we are the people, please do not ever loose sight of that noble group of words, our nations deserves our best, let’s all drop the party lines and find common ground for the betterment of the whole!


Shortly after Barack Obama won the presidential election and personally buying into the message of change I visited his Transition Team internet web site. On this web site he was calling for normal people of all walks of life and backgrounds to assist he and his team with solutions to turn around the economy, I was so motivated by the President elects tone that I issued a plan addressing what I felt was the most serious problem in regard to the failing economy, housing stabilization. Over the next four days I put together a plan focused on the stopping the run off of equity in the secondary market, being involved in mortgage finance since 1983 and holding numerous high level positions in that field I felt that my background and expertise was such that what I had to offer would be worthy of at least consideration. In the attachment below I have deleted four of the five pages of the report due to some confidentiality issues, but in the header and opening paragraphs you will see the direction I choose to take.

I am posting this on my blog for the following reasons, first, my motive was altruistic and I really was concerned about our economy, second, the plan I offered would have used the existing TARP funds and at the time I issued this 12/19/08 it was significantly more cost effective than any other mortgage related plan put forth to date, and last, naively so I felt that what he said about bringing in of experts from all fields to help was sincere.

In addition to sending my plan to the Presidents Transition Team, I also copied, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, David Gregory, Jim Kramer, and several other news sites and political outlets, and up until 4/3/09 not a word in return from any of these sources. Then Friday I get the attached form letter from the Whitehouse Special Assistant to the President F. Michael Kelleher. To say the least, they were not interested in what I had to say, I could understand this tone if it were not for the fact that in the following months I have been witnessing several key parts of my proposal now coming to light.

I guess my hope would be for putting 35 hours of work into what was proposed, I would at least get a “Atta Boy! The length of time it took to obtain any sort of response is more than puzzling and shows either the system was so overloaded with my type of submission, or it was reviewed and panned, I guess I will never know. The open to the plan is pasted below for your comments and review.

To: Obama/Biden Transition Team
From: Name Deleted
Subject: Housing Price Stabilization Plan
Date: 12/19/08

Issue: Continuing devaluation and equity bleeding of the housing values in the US.

Background: With the implementation and execution of the lending policies of the last two administrations directed at increasing the availability of housing to a broader base of borrower and economic class, an artificial cloud market/value was created fueling an unsustainable housing based economy resulting in a overvaluation of real estate values and overgrowth of its supporting industries.

Solution: Housing and economy being confidence based a value floor needs to be established. A government plan offering the following would greatly enhance the possibility of a return to stabilization.

The actual plan has been deleted due to confidentiality agreement. Four pages total.

The White House – Presidential Correspondence
To: me 04/03/09
Dear Name Deleted:

Thank you for taking the time to share your views.

Americans across the country are eager for
information about the state of the economy, national
security, and a host of other issues. President Obama is
committed to making his Administration the most open and
transparent in history, and the Internet will play a major
role in delivering on that promise.

We hope that you will join us at to learn more about President
Obama’s views on a range of topics, as well as his efforts
to provide a window for all Americans into their
government. Your voice is shaping our country’s future,
and we encourage you to join us online, share your
thoughts, and build a community of connected citizens that
will help address the pressing issues of our time.


F. Michael Kelleher
Special Assistant to the President and
Director of Presidential Correspondence

To be a part of our agenda for change, join us at


You need to look no further than the current political success of the Obama campaign to understand that the Internet is the new paradigm in the creation of a grassroots political campaign and political upstart.  The expansion of the tried and true channels of message delivery included for the first time, Facebook, which turned out to be one of the campaigns most successful tools in sending the Obama message to this previously untapped voting segment. Early on and crucial to the campaigns success Chris Huges, Facebooks founder offered his services by the marketing of the Obama machine via his popular social network platform. “It should come as no surprise that a Millennial co-founder of Facebook, left that company to run Barack Obama’s online campaign. Millennials are the first generation to have never known a world without the Internet, has been woven into their everyday lives. They are fluent with technology and with communicating on-line; it’s entirely natural to them”.

Since this segment of the voting public had never been organized nor galvanized to one candidate in prior elections the farming of this element was the logical choice to push the “social” agenda of the Obama campaign.  The method of reaching this segment is through what has become the standard for communication among the youth movement. It was vital that to reach this element the message was to speak to this segment in a, nonoffensive non-authorian manner, “And that is why the Obama campaign had such an informal tone, casual tone. Because the Internet is a conversational medium, the Millennial marketers of Obama’s campaign used that casual tone as well. And because that informal style fit naturally with Millennials’ general online experience, because it was the way they communicated, the campaign messages pulled them in”.

This new paradigm offered the new untapped segment the “Change” they were seeking and did so by not to cramming the same message of political dogma as used in past elections. “Name deleted, 31, a volunteer at the Obama office in Wilson, N.C., agreed. “You get the feeling that you’re becoming friends with him in that casual way,” he said. “I think everyone takes ownership of it because you feel like you know who he is.”  By using this type of campaign the Obam team received 60% of the 18-29 year old vote by communicating via the Internet in a form that is second nature to this target group.

As is now being discovered by media experts these tactics mirror Saul Alinski’s outline for the creation of a grassroots movement, but now rather than going face to face belly to belly, the process is handled in a much more efficient manner covering a much larger audience by the utilization of the online community.  This decision to use the Internet to win the hearts and minds of the youth vote dovetailed into the overall media plan to mass market the Obama message.  This previously untested style of marketing methodology along with the highly emotional reinforcement of the premise of “change” including the use of targeted “ridicule”, once again comes from the pages of “Rules for Radicals” Mr. Alinskys manifesto, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also, it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”

By the continual demonizing of the past administration, strife and unrest was reinforced in the daily spin by the Obama campaign, this along with the strategy of the creation of a separation of classes further fueled the anger of what the campaign noted as the, disenfranchised.  Clear lines were formed, “are you for the same old ideas of the past, or change”.  This righteous indignation and sense of injustice was masterfully played out in the daily message to further polarize and identified the past administration as the “cause to all of our problems”.  Rarely was it ever mentioned that the democrats controlled the house as of 2004, and that having the majority, were steering policy regardless of the executive branch.  Never has perception been so wisely used to create a new reality when one did not exist.  Truth be told, the only change that has taken place to date is the switch from a free market system to one of government control and Keynesian economic structure.

Now the byproduct of the winning the “thought war” has led to a castration of the Republican party, who are currently scattering about to find a message that works.  The party is forced to react rather than implement, as noted here in one pundits observation, “Republicans reaction to all this is to immediately go on the defensive. Seldom do they unleash their pit bull orators or strategists. Rather than use the immense amount of data available to prove the conservative case, Republicans tug their forelocks, say “yes sir,” and hope the accusations and name calling will go away”.

What is apparent when one can step aside of all the rhetoric and propaganda is our Nation is in for a large expansion of government, money is being earmarked with out programs or guidelines in place, our dollar will devalue to the point of third world value, the debt being created cannot be amortized off in short order, regulations will kill small business, centralized banking is being prepped by the current administration for its implementation, more power in the executive branch is being amassed, and our liberties and constitution is being subjugated to international law.  But due to the slick message and teleprompter speeches our new President has been raised to the level of idolization by the masses.  None of this is good for “We the People”, stand up and be heard, do not take any message at face value, think for your self and decide, politics needs to give way to “the voice of the people”