Obama: HMMMMMM where can we put the prisoners from Gitmo, can’t keep them there in Cuba off American soil, I said I would close it, dang I can’t keep my promise of shutting it down in one year, let’s seeeee hey how about in our backyard, Illinois, that way we can funnel billions to our home state, whachaaaa think Rham, David?

A fools folly is taking place and that fool is the American tax payer, Obama’s latest fastball in moving the Gitmo “war criminals” to sovereign soil is untenable. Hey lets just send them to Miami, it is closer and the weather is better, that will help with heating bills!

Yet another transparent policy by the Big O, move em and shovel money to our cronies, we are counting the days Mr. President, maybe with your spare time after 2012, you can write your own book!

MICHELLE MALKIN   Obama brings Gitomolympics home!

  1. dancingczars says:

    Oshama is a whore, say no more! Nice post, thanks, Jim

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