The Fourth Estate commonly know as the press and has been also labeled “The Fourth Branch of Government” wields an ungodly amount of power in the shaping of the minds of its audience. The rise of power has been a slow but steady growth to the bastardized animal we now witness at the gate. The initial storyline for this post was going to be focused on which division of the Fourth Estate put forth the most truth in an unbiased method. To my dismay and wasted hours of research, a truly unbiased source could not be found, it appears that most if not all media in a quest to garner readership pander to either a financial motive or and ideological ilk. My focus was on American media outlets, and the closest in “my” uneducated determination to offering (to steal a tag line) fair and balances source was no other than the Druge Report, that’s right the once lowly scourge of the internet now offers all views for the taking. Kudos to Matt Druge for creating first a grassroots blog basically to a full blown media outlet that has earned respect the hard way, by being first with breaking news! It is not my intent to be a cheerleader for The Druge Report, just recognize that out of all the major media outlets The Druge report lets you choose who you the individual values as unbiased.

dont think propaganda

The major players in the daily media onslaught are in no particular order, Fox New, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, FOX, AP, Reuiters, and a litany of internet, newspaper, blog and online journalism, the major issue with all these sources is that they are all fighting for the same slice of the pie, and in there quest to have that pie and eat it too, the standards of journalism are mortally tested and ignored on a minute by minute basis. The once lofty “canons of journalism” of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, IMPARTIALITY, fairness and public accountability are barely existent in the race for the prize, ratings and viewership. The motive you ask, advertising dollars!!! Where in times past the craft of the story negated any fear of reprisal from the editor out of fear the “angle” or the byline would alienate any financial relationship with the client, now we have a willy nilly pandering to the food source of the beast, the advertisers. So it seems like everything else in our world the dollar is the almighty factor in the equation to the “spin” of the tome.


The once stoic news reader of the past has been replaced with shock journalism, catchy tease promos, inflated tidbits of minutia that 30 years ago would be relegated to the gossip pages are now headlines. Flashy promos by local news proposing that “we are on your side” or “where you get your news first” are all created to bombard the general public with sensationalism of mostly droll material. Palatable in small doses but annoying none the less and mostly harmless. The major quest for the hearts and minds of the common man is now playing out in the political pundit arena where biased news can do major damage in the shaping of the mind and blind acceptance of any substantial truth can be life altering. This paradigm of propaganda comes at such a crucial time in the development of our collective futures, it makes total common sense to stop and reflect on this very pragmatic rhetorical question, “What is the motive”? I see individuals online, in the news media, TV, and radio spouting and regurgitating so called facts that are so biased, so far from the reality of morals and basic truth without hesitation expecting the general public to buy into there perception of truth as fact. This acceptance without reason will be the downfall of man. The old adage “don’t believe everything you read” now has to be expanded to all the sources of media we are faced with deciphering in our individual search for personal truth.


Rampant laziness is the primary reason, we want our news in quick bites, we do not want to think, we want to be told, we don’t want to understand we want to be understood, conversations are now based on “beating” the other person with more so called facts that the opponent might have in there quiver of arrows. The two sides to any discussion is now my side and your side is stupid and uninformed, the meek are emboldened to be lions when in a ideological circle of like minded spewers of rhetoric, all this at the loss of the intellect based on contemplation. It was said the American Indian had few words in there communication to the “white man”, this is because the American Indian had a rule when they discussed serious issues, and that was they never spoke until the speaker was done. Rather than thinking of a defense to what was being said they sought to understand what was being said. I bring this up for the following reason, next time you are in a conversation with someone heated or not, don’t think what you are going to say, but try to understand what the person is saying, when they are done, never interrupt, then you say your peace. This is called contemplation and listening, a lost art that our mass media and politicians have lost site of. Our great orator currently could take a lesson from the American Indian, and stop selling and start doing.


  1. karmahd says:

    OK I have to say I am all over the place with this one, I am out of pratice

  2. SamHenry says:

    Karm – There has never been unbiased reporting. Think of the accident scene and then think of the poor police officer who is trying to piece together the “truth” of what happened from the 5 witness accounts he was able to get.

    Why do you think the Iranian government has stopped all international news coverage of the demonstrations? Not only is it confusing, few foreign journalists now know Iran well enough to accurately report the hopes and fears of the people. Christianne Amanpour spoke to the lack of US understanding of the current situation due to having cut the Iranians off for the past 30 years.

    There have been rhetorical devices since the time of the Greeks to sway minds. Concomitantly, censorship came in such terrible acts at the burning of the Library at Alexanderia or Hitler’s burning of Polish libraries and other institutions that were a repository for Polish culture. Think of the era in our own country of “yellow” journalism.

    All you can do is educate yourself and hope you can ferret out the truth of the matter in print. You’ve see it. There is hope for all of us when even one person spots a spin on information. Must stop.

  3. Foxwood says:

    I have to agree with SH, I would have said the same, but she beat me. Tho I do have to say, I don\’t trust any of them.

    Rose wants to find one source that we can agree on and stop all discussion on the subject when you cite the source. Hey, just because it\’s been published doesn\’t make it credible. She calls my sources non credible, but I only cited sources because she asks for them. Before that and now I don\’t cite sources. I don\’t see the point, as the libs will piss on them. I cite common sense. That\’s all you can do.

  4. Foxwood says:

    The report is a thinker.
    No I didn\’t say stinker.

  5. karmahd says:

    Hey SamHenry and Foxwood, thanks for stopping by, and I agree basically with what you say, it seems lately that even the bias reporting has been more polarized, maybe I am just older??

  6. SamHenry says:


    You and FOX old? You and the FOX are still physically in your teens with the advantage of experience in reading and in thought processes. I envy you all of that. On one of my recent posts I was told it was a weird post and that I should get checked for Alzheimer’s. That is living proof of your superior position. It’s hard to get into what is essentially a young person’s game (internet posts and blogging). Inside you feel a part until the outside elicits the responses of “mam” and you are too old. I press on in honor of my age group. I feel compelled to respond to good ideas.

  7. Foxwood says:

    When I was 40 I would tell everyone I was 18 with 22 years of experience.

  8. karmahd says:

    Well I am 20 with 32 years experience!!!

  9. samhenry says:

    WEll hell, you could have fooled me. I have English and Library credentials. Not a word of math anywhere. You can fix the figures and I’d never know.

  10. rosehips says:

    karma, good points. I think we should all listen to the Native Americans. Their wisdom is inspiring.

  11. karmahd says:

    Well they are as American as it gets!! I read that book actually I bought that book that I posted above and it is very interesting, it was when I was into learning about different cultures and religions, the Indian culture and Buddist culture rung a sweet chord with me. Good to see you and thanks for stopping by, I am going to put something else up this weekend.

  12. arlenearmy says:

    Those of the words that my husband tell me all the time. Admittedly, I have a bad habit of not letting folks finish their speech .. I butt in too much.

    I read what you wrote to my hubby & he turns over & looks at me & said: “Sounds like that Karma fellow is talking about somebody I know”.

  13. karmahd says:

    Arlene that is funny, I was guilty of the same thing, once I read that book it just clicked with me, I was always thinking about what I would say and did not really listen to what was said. Now when I listen sometimes I don’t say anything back, they were a people of few words but the depth of them is what matters not the count. Thanks for stopping by, Karma

  14. rosehips says:

    karma, the thing I like about Free Speech TV is that they don’t have advertisers. I don’t think it is possible to be unbiased if you depend on advertisers. You must always be assessing how what you say affects your relationship with your advertisers. That is not objective.

    FSTV answers to its listeners, who want the truth.

  15. samiam60 says:

    Well stated facts here Karma. I sure do enjoy looking at the world from your point of view. Seems you have a gift for putting things in perspective and balanced with a lot of common sense.

  16. karmahd says:

    Thanks Samie, my problem is I feel guilty I don’t post and like that kid in high school who has a paper due the next morning I don’t always take time to read and clean up my passive voice and sentence structure!! Thanks for stopping by, hope work is going OK for you, Karma

  17. Hey Karma, What a Wonderful Post, very enjoyable read. This speaks to my heart for sure, ” I bring this up for the following reason, next time you are in a conversation with someone heated or not, don’t think what you are going to say, but try to understand what the person is saying, when they are done, never interrupt, then you say your peace. This is called contemplation and listening, a lost art”

    Arlene admitted her fault in doing this and so will I. All throughout my career, life, etc. I’m one of “those”. Thinking about my next move while the person talks. What a terrible habit, and hard to break! I’m better about it now, simply because I’m older. I guess it’s true, we do live and learn. There is so mush to be learned if one will just “listen”.

    Which reminds me of a soldier that at one time worked for me; everyone was talking I remember a lot of people in my office and Bryan was at his desk. People were in and out, they were talking I was talking then after everyone left I said, “Bryan you are so quiet.”… Bryan said, “someone has to be”. Of course that got me laughing (as usual). But, how TRUE!

    My husband on the other hand is a man of few words (haah Thank God) everyone once in a while, I’ll say something then later I’ll say, WHY DID I SAY THAT? He’s like, there you go engaging that mouth! aHHa

    God said it, “the tongue, sharper than a two edged sword”.

  18. karmahd says:

    Why thank your Warrtonegirl, I just wish I had more time to pull all the stuff out of my head!! It never quite comes out as clear as I see it in there, but that is the challenge, I think they call it communication LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Karma

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