You will see I have posted pictures between paragraphs as a way to pause and think, not about my words, but your reaction to them, time to think, then time to act.

I have been blogging now for close to five months and have noticed a change in my personality, I have become much more aggressive and hateful. Although some of this could be to the current condition of our country, and the apparent path it “appears” to be taking I think the situation is the polarization of the current parties that has me most concerned. Never have we as a nation been so divisive in our individual opinions of what is best for this country than right now!


One only has to look at the current polls to see that the current leadership is still running a high approval rating, this fact is and has been common since the time of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the honeymoon as many call it is a time the new candidate can revel in that love/lust mode and can do no wrong. This appears to be difficult for the detractors to take, I myself fall into this group and by doing so I have lost sight and faith in the common sense of our great nation.


In short our United States has been borne from a group of rabble rousing independent minded men, (sorry ladies it was the times) they realized to be free, each individual would have to fight for a unified cause. So stirring were these nation builders that most of the great adaptations of previous societies came together in full force and thus was created our Constitution. No other society has garnered as much wealth, success, or stature since the time of the creation of that document. So I say, ‘Ye have little faith” if you do not believe we will survive this current crisis that has now spread to the entire globe.


I do not wish the current administration any ill will but I also expected them to live up to the platform in which they won the election. Now that the first 100 days have come and gone, I ask each of you to take the responsibility to view what has been done, passed, bastardized, and shoved down the collective throats of the American public. What is the economic focus, how are we going to pay for all this change, are we a more United States or are we a nation divided? All simple questions that should be answered outside of politics and looked at with introspection, not regurgitation of political spin masters or party lines.


Nation is inclusive a body politic, Country, not all have to agree, that is the beauty of the design, but nor should we be at each others throats. The commonality of the success we have achieved has been by our desires to excel, now with this current downturn, albeit the worst we have seen in 60 years, I see many questioning the validity of the system, and have even heard individuals speak of changing the Constitution to better serve the needs of the disenfranchised? Since when is that what our nation stood for, each man woman and child has been offered a chance, a chance of freedom to do as they see fit, no where on Earth is this opportunity greater than within these United States.


The current course of action is to make all men equal, which is where each of us starts per our group of laws, now we are choosing to legislate that right and force all people to be equal, take from the rich give to the poor and place the burden on the middle class, this is not government this is a travesty. I ask each of you that might read this group of thoughts to ask, do we care so little that we loose our voice of reason. Politics was designed to be a short term service to our country a return favor for all she has given us. and like all good systems they become dilitued. altered, and structured for the gain of the few over the many.


Politicians work for us, not us for them, the money they are spending comes from the fruits of our labors, if we are so lucky to have the ability to earn a living. It is time to clean house, reduce government, hold all accountable for the slight of hand and apathy we all have shown. Change we can believe in is, not laying down prostrate and allowing this to happen as if we have no voice. Time to become active, time to do some actual research, time to turn off CNN and Fox News, time to take responsibility for our nation, for we are the people, please do not ever loose sight of that noble group of words, our nations deserves our best, let’s all drop the party lines and find common ground for the betterment of the whole!


  1. karmahd says:

    Not bad for 20 minutes work, whatcha think??

  2. billalmighty says:

    interesting post and great pics. i follow your thinking. if mccain/palin had won, however, the govt would own everyone’s upside down mortgage, and we would be spending billions drill baby drilling in the gulf. no difference in amount really…..just what you spend the money on. someone will always be blaming someone, i/m/o

  3. karmahd says:

    Not to sure Bill, what they would have done, I was concerned when McCain stated his expertise was not in economics!!! That kind of scared me, I think he was betting on the hope that people would see him as a savior to the terrorism issue, which was minimalized during the stumping.

    As to owning the mortgages, that is what is going to happen now anyway, I am in the business and have been for 25 years, and the housing bubble is the reason we are where we are, and no serious attempt has been made to remedy that issue. I guess my point and I did really write is quickly was that I am over Politics and bull shit, time to take action, not spend our way out, make the tough choices and let the cards fall where they may!!

  4. billalmighty says:

    i’m with you on that. those that are failing need to fail. capitalism is founded on survival of the fittest. it just needs to be left alone to run it’s course…and everyone who messed up..including corporate america and uncle sam, needs to learn a hard lesson. neither side is/was willing to let their big money sources’s all about politics and money…nothing is about main street in washington. partisan politics is for sheep.

    yep, the good old housing bubble. the biggest mortgage company on the planet was granted the gift of relaxed lending requirements and bogus appraisal services, coupled with the constant barrage of the concept that everyone is supposed to pursue the “american dream” and that the dream includes owning a home that you probably can’t afford. they, like the greed-fueled carnivores they are, jumped at the chance to be able to make enough money to start buying continents…because countries just weren’t enough. and of course, the companies that insured that crap jumped at the chance as well. then….oh yeah… have to actually collect the money. too many can’t pay, of course….the rest is history. one-third of americans blame obama for all of it. i didn’t vote for obama, but i don’t blame him for our current state. in fact, i don’t have anything to blame him for yet, until the documents he just released come back to bite us. i have a feeling there’s more to come.

  5. rosehips says:

    karma, great post! love the photos…the hate and anger is perplexing. I can’t say that I’ve fallen into that trap though. I don’t feel a lot of hate, even toward those who are vindictive.
    I agree with bill that part of the problem is that we have been conditioned to believe that owning a home is the “great american dream”. That’s bull. No one needs to feel they are less of an American if they don’t own a home. I sure don’t. But it bothers me that Obama perpetrates that “dream” when he says that young graduates shouldn’t have to wait to realize home ownership. Hell yes they should. They should wait as long as it takes them to pay off their student loans and save a big chunk of a down payment and then make sure they have a secure job before they go getting themselves strapped down.

    I am still glad obama won. I am glad we are not drilling off our shores or up there in Alaska. I’m glad we are being agressive to bring emissions into check. There are a lot of good things this administration will bring to America.

  6. rosehips says:

    If you look at the economy in a vacuum, it looks a certain way. But we live on Earth, and ultimately it the Earth that will decide our fate. A strong economy is hard on the Earth. Wealth creates excess, waste, and greed. I think we will benefit from these hard times. heck, we still have old timers who lived through the depression. Thank god they were always there to remind us of a time when people had to do without.

    Americans have had it too easy. We still don’t know what it is like to really sacrifice. As long as they keep giving me my unemployment check, what incentive do I have to hustle? I’ve hardly left my seat here since I lost my job. We’ve got it way too easy. Americans need to learn what it’s really like to do without.

    Ok, i’m done. thanks for letting me ramble….

  7. karmahd says:

    Bill I am on the same page with what you are saying I am not blaming Obama, and for that fact Bush for the “good ole housing bubble” it was started 12-15 years ago, and drew every fricking criminal in the world in the business. My job now is clean up, I was there lending the money for many years, mostly straight up good wholesome lending to individuals who could afford the purchase.. That changed, the blood in the water drew the sharks as it does to any opportunity to make a killing. I look at loans that were done over the last 4 years that NEVER should have been done, it is a joke!!

    If we would not have bailed out the institutions starting in December 08, I think we might currently be in a worse situation and more would have crashed, but the way it was handled was a joke, and for that I blame the lameduck Bush, or his advisors, that bail out was a gift and a fuck you America. The problem is with the current administration of which I don’t single out Obama, he is one of the team, and a spokesman, they have capitalized on this downturn to implement and spend, Rham Emanuel “never let a good crisis go to waste”, now that is just bull shit. We need statesmen, not power hungry narcissist’s trying to write there page in history. I do not believe any of them to be totally honest, they all have been in the game too long! So we as a nation are in a conundrum, there are no easy answers, and our actions have pulled the world down, but they had to get in on the action as well so in the end greed rules all and takes no prisoners.

    I just don’t see us spending our way out of this, and pushing a large social agenda to do so?? Tighten the belt, sacrifice, is called for and that goes to the top of the food chain. We have old men making the decisions that are going to effect our children and there children, that is not rhetoric that is a fiscal fact!! Someone has to be bigger and provide some leadership damn the torpedos!! Ok off to bed!!

    • billalmighty says:

      it would be hard to bail out homeowners who are upside down, not knowing which ones were fooled and which were dishonest. my pops taught me to live within my means, and when you don’t…you get messed up. everyone has to be allowed to fail….wall street and mainstreet. i didn’t get behind on my mortgage from some refinance shit deal, so i don’t want to bailout my irresponsible neighbors who did. they have to suffer the consequences as far as i’m concerned, and find a way out of debt on their own. if that means hardship for millions, then i guess millions will have to learn that lesson and hope to be much smarter after all is said and done. i think we agree pretty much, except you have an insider’s perspective that i don’t have into what will fix the current situation. it’ll be interesting to see who obama ends up turning to now that the current team is failing him miserably.

  8. karmahd says:

    Rose, read above, the anger I feel is that we are a nation divided, and like the house divided it will fall, I am calling for all people to put aside the bull shit and fix what needs to be fixed! I have been in housing as I have stated more than once and I agree everyone should not own a home, and that goal was put forth by Clinton to stimulate the economy during his tenure, it was a noble idea but has failed miserably. I also know how you feel about the economy and if you have read my comments I am an environmentalist myself, shit give everyone a motorcycle, save gas save the earth, or come up with public transportation we are so far behind on that it is silly.. My anger is we argue about right or wrong, black or white, everyone has a point of view and we are divided. I am not glad Obama won, I would not have been glad if McCain won, I did not care for either, but took experience over style and slick message, because at the end of the day you have a president that has 0 experience? I will take the devil I know over the one I don’t almost every time. Now where does all that leave us?? That is my question NOW WHAT after 100 days??? I have not seen anything truly of value as of yet and it is going to get much tougher from here on out for Obama and his team, we need unity to fix this and neither side is interested in that prospect, just dogmatic holiding on to there power base and narcissict ideals, nothing will get done!! that is my fear.

  9. karmahd says:

    not feel about the economy but feel about ecology my slip

  10. m2elena says:

    McCain or Obama, they’re both puppets of Soros.
    Just one’s a marxist and one isn’t…

  11. m2elena says:

    ‘Nevertheless, it’s true that McCain did the work of George Soros and helped prepare the way for him and his organizations to play a controlling role in our elections.

    And it’s also true that Soros recognized that, and contributed money in support of the McCain-Feingold Bill.’

    McCain was the perfect fall guy to get a Marxist with “no history” or experience (and lots of Hope), to become leader in prep to help dismantle this country/Constitution. The wealthy elite, congress, and the presidency. No checks and balances.

  12. m2elena says:

    CFR: helped prepare the way for Soros and his organizations to play a controlling role in our elections

    Too bad the republicans supported this crap bill.
    We never had a choice about our leader,
    however- I think McCain would have acted in the interests of the country. He didn’t have a chance to win however. A lot more was behind the scenes than free election.

    That’s why I worry about every election here on out.

    Why is ACORN still operable again?
    And I think there’s tons more corruption (including funding) that we haven’t pin-pointed. (I did post a link last week of the mysterious credit card charges of Obama camp was turning up on ppl’s statements) Then we have the orchestrated part of the economy collapse… LOL.
    They worked SO hard!! To get him in office!
    And still half the country didn’t BUY IT.

  13. m2elena says:

    Bill says: “upside down mortgage, and we would be spending billions”

    The Frank Dodd policy isn’t much better buddy. In fact their just setting up/propping a bubble.

    IN FACT, THOSE TWO ASSHOLES SHOULD BE SITTING AT HOME DISGRACED WAITING ON THIER INDICTMENTS. They are both crooks and have shown themselves to be. Where’s media and congress calling for their heads? Oh, they don’t do that when the representative is not a Republican. Silly me. (Now you can take that point and disregard it as partisan since you don’t accept anything other than existential views of politics, but it arguably true that Democrats rarely call for their own to step down in the name of corruption) Why haven’t all those tax evaders been criminalized? They’ve got so much there wouldn’t be anyone left in the Capitol.

    Billions? Obama has spent more than any president combined including Bush. How’s that for billions? –Trillions.

    I’m not arguing FOR the drill policy, just the point you were making about spending. I disagree McCain would have run up trillions in debt, what Obama has done is effectively weakened us for decades, in a matter of 4 months.

    The American ppl lost in this election, and like Soros said, “If they knew what my policies really were I could never get elected” -he has said that. And he is behind the Democrats now. They need to kick him (and his money/power/connections) out. But they won’t do that- until we show them that we mean business, and stop letting them get away with all of this (stimulus budget corruption).

    • billalmighty says:

      guessing what an alternative president may or may not have done is pointless. mccain had already asserted his mortgage and bank bailout strategies, along with the drilling plan before the election in addition to plans to increase troops and military funding, so the idea that he would have spent less money than obama is a biased guess, i/m/o.

      I haven’t supported any liberals or their plans, and the idea that I only accept existential points of view politically is just plain wrong about me. I reject petty shit and extremism, and the hateful spew that comes from it. fuck that bullshit….it’s destructive. it doesn’t matter what you believe….no one is wrong until they start to believe they’re the ones who are right.

      many republicans have had their corruption charges dropped too. that’s not a dem thing….that’s a washington thing

      I’m sure there’s some stuff we agree on, though

      • m2elena says:

        You got to believe something, that’s all I’m sayin’….
        I’m not going to give a radical marxist a break.
        I’m not moral equivalent, I don’t think independent or moderates are more enlightened than the left or right.

        So my criticism of Obama was because I feared him before he was elected, I fear him now, and I see his policies are categorically BAD.

        No two ways about it here! πŸ™‚

      • m2elena says:

        PS, if you are in favor of going straight to the source (a la C-span)… you should check out Obama’s book.

        he is pretty obvious with his convictions/beliefs… (and they scare the shit out of me).

        Or we can visit anyone of his acquaintances of past. What kind of people are they (the ones that the media fail to interview), not Bill Ayers, but people like Odinga who he campaigned for.
        And countless others.

      • m2elena says:

        ahhh the other thing is. You say: “guessing what an alternative president may or may not have done is pointless.”

        But above you say: “if mccain/palin had won, however, the govt would own everyone’s upside down mortgage, and we would be spending billions drill baby drilling in the gulf.”

        so if you are trying to be uninvolved on the issues- that doesn’t make sense, if you are just playing devils advocate, I suppose that makes sense. But it appears you DO have an agenda. Or else you would not have written either one or the other.

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that.. just an observation. πŸ˜‰

      • billalmighty says:

        m2 –

        i wasn’t guessing about mccain/palin, just repeating what they said they would do.

        being anti-obama or anti-dem does not make anyone smarter than everyone else… doesn’t give you secret information that the rest of us haven’t heard, or somehow make your arguments more valid, even if you believe that shit about “it’s a lifestyle not a party”

        label me however you want

        i’m aware of obama’s beliefs, and i’m not an obama supporter….not now or ever

        i’m also not going to type a bunch of political buzzwords in anger or quote any dead presidents that i didn’t give a flying fuck about until last spring.

        nah, i’ll just leave an occasional opinion and continue to watch and learn from you and everyone else in here

      • m2elena says:

        I’m not labeling you bill, you were the first to label me (can’t speak for anyone but me). I don’t care what you believe in, but I won’t be made to feel bad for doing research and having political theory. You said last week that everyone on VF’s blog spout the same words from Glenn Beck’s mouth. I mean, I haven’t watched Glenn that often. Like I said, they quit playing him in my city about 4 years ago. I’ve seen his show less than the fingers I can count on my 2 hands. I do take offense with your assertion that b/c (I) have strongly held beliefs that it somehow qualifies as “hate speech” “glenn beck’s words” … I would say you are calling a kettle black, b/c picking on someone for being inspired by a “quote” is just as bad as those hate-spewing pundits you say you can’t stand. What I’m trying to get at here is, what someone’s “opinion” of Political Free Speech is subjective. Therefore, how are you to say you are right? I tend to give strong pontificated dissertations (sometimes with links to research) regarding my thoughts about how “I” would like to be governed. I feel you are quick to write off someone with a POV, as an ideologue. That, too, is fine, but then you subject them to a “box” where you also include those you think are inflammatory, or posturing for drama. I just don’t think that’s true. I am an ideologue. But I have reasons, passion, and I tend to get a breadth of knowledge to back my argument. I won’t let someone equate me with a ‘talking head’ on Fox News which they cannot ‘stomach’.

        I used to watch Charlie Rose, Jim Lehr News Hour, and listen to Diane Rehm in addition to reading American, I only got Fox News last May, so I’ve had it for a year, and I have been a conservative my entire life.

        Anyway, when we first met, and you can go look at the VF report, I never labeled you as any supporter of anyone. I was simply stating my viewpoint, and you kept telling me “I didn’t vote for Obama”… you don’t need to tell me that, if you want to discuss things- talk about what you believe, I do that. And I won’t stop either. No matter what anyone wants to “write me off” as.


      • m2elena says:

        Bill says: “even if you believe that shit about β€œit’s a lifestyle not a party”

        — I do believe that “shit”. I don’t understand what’s wrong with that ???

        Bill says: “i wasn’t guessing about mccain/palin, just repeating what they said they would do.”

        And I said in response, ‘Obama has spent more than any president in american history combined up to and including George Bush’, which I can theoretically determine is less than proposed Oil drilling, housing initiatives by McCain. Who you would not know their measures would have passed in Congress.

        Bill says: “i’m also not going to type a bunch of political buzzwords in anger”

        Isn’t that what you do when you type ‘drill baby drill’ with obvious disdain? That’s what it appears like to me, though like I said before, political speech is subjective to the reader, imo…

        Ok, budski… Night!

      • billalmighty says:

        i almost always include i/m/o in my comments…i’ve never said i’m the one who is right

        nothing i’ve said is directed at any one person unless it’s a direct response to something.

        all i’ve done on here is talk about what i believe.

        i have spent no time talking about the “morons” who believe this way, or the “idots” that believe that way. no wishes for anyone to rot in hell.

        i talk about people in the media and what they say, and the people who repeat what those people say….and use it as their politics. if you decide something i said applies to you, then that’s your perception…not mine

        i’m not a former ireporter or blog warrior…you are

        the things i say and write have no hidden meanings or agendas. i’m not part of any movements and i don’t belong to any non-partisan “lifestyles”

        whatever you want to make of my comments is up to you….if you choose to say i’m just like you and compare what i write to the stuff you write, then i certainly can’t stop you.

        i’m definitely not trying to pick on you, make you feel bad for what you think, shut you up, or stop you in any way, and don’t really understand you coming at me with that….that unless it’s just an automatic assumption or reaction for an ireporter/constitutionalist

        my disagreement with you does not make you a victim


      • m2elena says:

        I’ve never said I was a victim. Ha ha.. in fact all I do is slay with words. I have heard you say “Glenn Beck is a victim”. I was just illustrating that you take you stereotype of leftists or righties (Glenn) and apply it to people like me, and I gladly accept if that’s how you feel. But doesn’t mean I’m going to stop talking about what I believe. And I was trying to point out, that the things I say haven’t been fed to me word for word by Glenn Beck. Quite opposite.

        Nothing every bothers me, and I won’t feel discredited for having strong ideas AKA: partisan. I’m a proud right-thinker & partisan! LOL. Obviously the ppl on VF’s blog (like me) whether they are rosehips or Lisa, are passionate about political ideas. Or they wouldn’t make blog posts, comments, and discuss it daily.

        Usually, I don’t know what you think (politically). And I don’t care what other ppl think, b/c I don’t judge on political beliefs. I just don’t by into the notion that if you have a strong idea, you have been fed what to say by -say “Fox News” or “Anderson Cooper”, or you are making “noise for no reason”… those are the things I do hear from you, and I disagree.

        I want smaller federal government (and less debt for my kid), and I’m not going to let the liberals in power disenfranchise conservative thinkers. As much as some people hate ‘partisan’… you have to have a care to make a difference. And I care a lot.

        Sometimes one voice can give another person strength, and I think that’s cool.

        … I think the media/Pelosi (ha!) have assisted in dividing us as a extremely polarized nation (over the last 6 years), even in making us not want to side with an ideology defined by a party. But my principles are conservative. And I will work to help vote the non-fiscal, non-conservative republicans out (Snowe, Spector), and I will work to get the power-corrupted liberals out too. And I espouse conservatism in the fiscal role of gov’t and don’t give a shit about social things. LOL.

        I also like Krauthammer A LOT. So feel free to lump me in with Krauthammer next battle on VF’s blog or something, I’d be honored… LOL..

        OK, seriously, let’s stop arguing. Thanks for you insight. πŸ™‚

      • m2elena says:

        ahh see, I just read through your response again. I guess the beef I have with you- to an extent is the implication that something someone says is related to the issues with ireports. Or the subtle implied criticisms about people’s genuine feelings in the comments they made on VF’s blog. Trust, nothing I have just said in the comments above correlates to ireports, when Lisa and I said Democratic Leaders belong in “hell” (yeh they do, LOL)…

        It’s all the assumptions you imply. That’s cool, I just want to express that I’m not going to quit writing shit like that, cause it’s how I feel, genuinely…

        Pelosi can rot in Hell!!! Ha ha ha ha…..

        (which means with her attempt to sabotage the people for ultimate 1-party domination, I’m sure it cannot be good ‘karma’) πŸ˜‰

      • billalmighty says:

        i’m cool with you having the last word. i would only be repeating what i’ve said already.

        i think you’re great for having strong beliefs and caring about your daughter’s future, by the way….sorry if i gave you any other impression.

        my 2 closest friends are wingnuts and we get mad at each other on a regular basis, but we still love each other very much, so we are able to see past it and learn from each other. i’m the “hippie” of the bunch so i’m supposed to be liberal….only i’m not, and they can’t stand it. lol. it would be easier for them if i was. one of them is a memphis cop, so you can imagine what i’m up against πŸ˜‰

        i kinda feel like you and i are going to be something like that if you don’t abandon me before we get there.

        i just came from vf’s page and read your comments from this morning… @ your husband teaching the baby to say obama. sounds like your hubby is pretty cool πŸ™‚

        have a good one m2

      • m2elena says:

        shit bill, like I said- i’d call myself a liberal if the liberals actually fought for small government. Labels aren’t anything to me, but I will glad by a Wing nut.

        because I am.
        And you can always tell me the words I say were fed to me by Krauthammer, that would be an official honor in my world… lol.

  14. rosehips says:

    karma, i did read the post and I know you are pro environment and I like that about you. πŸ˜‰

    I would like us all to get on the same page and unite together but how can we bridge such a huge divide?

  15. m2elena says:

    Case in point just this week, Diane Feinstein.

    “Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation to route $25 billion in taxpayer money to a government agency that had just awarded her husband’s real estate firm a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms.”

    Now let me be a partisan hack here… hmmmm. I do believe if this were a Republican it would be splashed across every fluff ‘we talk to you like you are 2’ morning news program, at the top of every hour. It would be angled, analyzed, poked, prodded, discussed till it’s blue in the face, by radio talk like Diane Rehm, Fresh Air, it would be the feature of Face The Nation… etc etc. Huff Po. Daily Kos… there would be stories on Factcheck implicating Diane the (republican) in falsities.

    Yes. It would if it were a Republican, it would be DOUBLE GOOD for the LEFT, as it would be a MEDIA TALKING POINT that they could infiltrate the airwaves with to get people off the trail of Obama’s anti-Americanism abroad, or whatever Rahm is cookin up in the Oval. Yes yes!!! If only it wasn’t such a senior ranking democrat.

    To be mentioned briefly and slink back into the abyiss of non news, and replaced by 24/7 coverage of Swine Flu pandemic.

    Meanwhile Diane probably enjoys the cherry trees blossoming on her walk to work 1 day a week.
    Because congress (on average) only works a total of 1.5 days a week for their six figure taxpayer funded salaries.

  16. rosehips says:

    I am willing to accept our fate though. If there is a capitalist revolution and we throw out environmental regs in favor of industrial growth and profiteering, I will try my best to make a whole lot of money and have a whole lot of fun before we have a whole lot of famine, war and disease…. Hahahaha

  17. rosehips says:

    and hi everyone! karma, m2!

  18. rosehips says:

    m2, i agree that the dems have a double standard when it comes to attacking wrong-doing. But isn’t that normal? Don’t the repubs do the same thing?

  19. m2elena says:

    what’s up rosehips!

  20. m2elena says:

    No, I’m going to have to pick a bone with that. Whenever I point anything out that is manifested corruption that should be dealt with, a liberal, or obama supporter says “Don’t the republicans do that?”… I’m going to say NO. they don’t. HA ha ha!!! I’m not trying to defend republicans, but during all their so called (by the media) scandals… they stepped down last administration.

    I will say this, I believe, it is my opinion. That the ‘politics as usual infects’ both parties. But I will not let 1-party get away with a pattern of abuse of the people over and over (so far this year we have tax evaders, Soros cronies who aren’t being called out-Geithner, Summers, Feinstein, Dodd and his AIG BS, Franks and his non-enforcment of regulation, ACORN, etc), and never get reprimanded in the slightest. Not to the extent the media circus takes with non-Democrats.

    remember how they persecuted Joe Lieberman for not agreeing on ONE policy?

    I believe the party is consumed with group-think, with the media as their attack dog.

    I don’t morally equivilate. So sure, I’d rather have the “politics as usual” party, as opposed to the rabid, corrupted to the core marxist party.

    But if I were living in a utopia, I’d lessen the government power so much that they’d never have an excuse to be corrupt! As it stands, I don’t by this- Don’t they both do that speal. Because to me, no- they don’t.

  21. m2elena says:

    ya like my new icon?
    I thought Hemmie/Lindsey had a good point, I was tired of bent head girl.

    Ha ha!

  22. m2elena says:

    rosehips.. we’ll have a lot of famine, disease and poverty without capitalism. That’s the point of ppl who call out the Evironmentalist movement. It’s not because they ‘hate’ the Earth, it is because- you cannot give that much power to someone who’s probably already corrupted and expect them to do crap with it except make more misery. Caring for the environment starts at home, with being un-wasteful and mindful. You cannot rely on world commissions or world leaders to accomplish anything. As they inevitably get involved with big corporarte, or wealthy elite and fabricate their own agenda which swindles money to their end goal. Not ours.

    the best thing for the environment is to let individuals innovate technologies to care for the Earth. Not give power-cards to “leaders” who are nothing more than bureaucrats, that accomplish nothing.

    I know you like Gore, but you do know that his house consumes more energy than his city in 19-20 homes in Tennessee? He spends in 1-month what the avg. American spends in 1 year in utility bills. And even after he was revealed he worked to make his house more friendly- and it came out using 10% more. How’s anyone really going to put trust in this man?

    They’re all like him as far as I’m concerned.
    That’s why you’ll have famine, disease, and weather calamity no matter if you line the “Green” bureaucrats pockets, Britain is coming to this realization after a decade of high taxing to offset the environment. They see no beneficial change and common Britons are starting to question the motivations of leaders in charge of such “supposed noble” causes.


  23. rosehips says:

    m2, I just emailed you. now I have to catch up with your comments here!

  24. rosehips says:

    ok, I agree that the earth is probably screwed no matter who is in control and by the time most americans become mindfull of the environment, it may be too late. We can’t easily solve our water and food problems and disease is a natural result of poor diet and overcrowding.

    and I liked your avatar but i like the clouds and also it is good to see you and elena over at ireports.

    janeinsane will likely find something nasty to say regardless.

    and I remember that about joe lieberman, the traitor. lol.

  25. m2elena says:

    Ah poor joe!
    he disagrees on 1 thing… and is scorned forever. It’s kind of like the liberal thug group on ireports… lol.

    the famine could be caused by the 2012 change in poles and tilt!

    I am really really disheartened by the amount of TRASH and waste we throw out. And all the plastic in the water. Gross. It is nations like India and China and some third world nations who are the worst offenders.

    But there’s too much plastic and wrapping in everything.

  26. samiam60 says:

    Wow, this is a really neat site you have here. I would have never guessed you have only been blogging for 5 months.
    If your interested I just posted something about CNN on here if you’d like to take a look. I value your opinions.

  27. highplainsgirl says:

    I wish there were a way to comment directly to you, because I really wanted to comment about your book thing…

    I wrote a book last year before I started taking classes. I started by doing short stories because I felt like it would help me improve my skills. I joined a local writer’s group and they were very helpful. They are all serious about their writing (which is important). And I had a lot of emotional baggage I wanted to dump.

    Then I joined nanowrimo… google it. They do these marathon writing sessions, where you’re supposed to get 50,000 words in 30 days. It’s actually not as hard as it sounds. I got up every morning at 4 or 5 and wrote for an hour, and I made WELL over 50,000 words.

    May I ask what your book will be about?

    • karmahd says:

      Hey thanks for stopping by everyone, and Highplanes I will email you I think I have your email as should you from me answering your post before. but I will check, and yes I will write a book some day!!

  28. LisaInTX says:

    Awesome introspect Karma. Well done. :-}

  29. karmahd says:

    Thank you Lisa you wolf killer you!!!

  30. karmahd says:

    Hey Rose off to work, have fun today

  31. rosehips says:

    thanks karma! just got on this moment!
    YOU have a good one too!

  32. highplainsgirl says:

    Karma, I used an email address I never use for this wordpress account. I will see if I can remember how to get into it… πŸ™‚

  33. billalmighty says:

    thanks for this post karma. stuff like this always expands one’s thinking in a good way.

  34. Foxwood says:

    Sorry took so long to get here. My work wipes me out when I work a 24 strait.

    The direction we’re going is going to take away our individualism. I’ve been on some international blogs and it seems the world doesn’t like Americans because of our rugged individualism. If that is taken away from us, so it the American dream.

    It pisses me off that “we the people” vote on an issue, then someone bypasses the votes and take it to the judicial system, because “we the people” are to stupid to know what’s good for us.

    Yes, I have gotten angrier and that’s why I blog. It’s my vent. It seems the Reps and Senators no longer hear me. This is my voice.

  35. karmahd says:

    Hey Foxwood thanks for stopping by, I am pissed at the latest from Arlen Spector, the fricking guy is 78 years old and knows he cannot win another term as a Republican, so he switches. Dude time to hang it up you blatant narcissist, who the fuck cares if you run!! My god the nerve of these idiots, pack it in!!! Sorry for the rant, just pissed at the total LIE of politics!!!

  36. VotingFemale says:

    Wow Karma!!!!!

    Great Post dear…

  37. karmahd says:

    Well Ireports appears to be about Arlen Spincter, and the propaganda fly over by the Obama administration. Lots of new faces, lots of similar comments, who’s right why I am of course “we won”, good god almighty, one word ROME.

  38. rosehips says:

    lol karma…Rome?

  39. rosehips says:

    I just posted about the monkey trial sentencing. It’s sort of ho hum, but nevenera encouraged me to post the report anyway.

  40. karmahd says:

    give me the link I would like to see it before I go to bed

  41. rosehips says:

    ach, it didn’t process. that is about my fifth try. I am compressing it now and hopefully the sixth time is a charm. I’ll post link if it goes through.

  42. karmahd says:

    Ok Rose I will check in the morning, I am in a pissy mood tonight, I have let it fly on a couple of posts on Ireport, nothing that would get me banned but just some real stupid shit on there, its like why do I touch the hot stove, arrrrrggggg

  43. rosehips says:

    sweet dreams karma…don’t dwell on the bad stuff my friend.

  44. karmahd says:

    Nobody home tonight, nooooo bodysssss hommmmeeeeee, rahhhtatataaaaaaaaaaa. Booo Bo BOOOOOOO!!!

  45. GREAT POST. Oh my gosh. So true so beautiful so well written, did you miss your call? WHY DON’T PEOPLE LISTEN? I GUESS IT’S LIKE THAT KID ON MY POST? YA THINK?


    Karma! he’s back! help man. gotta go, kids have ball games today. woohoo. i’m going to check with arelenearmy too. thanks a mil. asil

  46. karmahd says:

    Thanks, I am in the process of defining who I am and that will be my next post, now I am enjoying this…

  47. VotingFemale says:

    I look forward to it, Karma

  48. karmahd says:

    Hopefully I will be able to get something up this weekend. if not during next week VF

  49. nevenera says:

    The picts are beautiful Kharma. I will be taking a break for a while, will stop in every now and then.

    Take care

  50. VotingFemale says:

    Hi Nev,

    Hope things are well with you dear

  51. nevenera says:

    Hey VF,
    Things are good.

    Heard you are stirring up all kinds of trouble these days lmao!

    Just needed some peace and quiet, so will vanish from the blogosphere for a few days πŸ™‚

    Anyhow, do your thing and have fun πŸ™‚

  52. VotingFemale says:

    Hey Nev,

    Glad to hear you are Ok. Moi? Stir up trouble? ROFL

    Just poked a rattle snake with a stick is all. The real trouble was the rattle snake’s response.

    I am having fun… and did you notice? iReport is like a Socialist Ghostown… the new ban tools have vanquished the respawning of the iThugs and iTrolls.

    It is the dawn of a new era.

    Have a great weekend, sweetie pie.

  53. nevenera says:

    You do sleep every now and then right πŸ˜‰

    Yeah it is very quiet over there. I have not been in a while because it is no longer that interesting to me. Will wait about a month and check it out again to see what the newbies and those that survived the purge are up to.

    Enjoy your weekend as well Ms Kitty!

  54. karmahd says:

    Hey Nev, sorry to drop that comment on your post, you did a smart thing by taking a break. I am also sorry you have been a target for who people perceive you associate with. Regardless of who believes what, to choose friends based solely on what political party they follow is beyond shallow. You have always been fair, and put your point of view out there with class. I do hope after a couple of days you will continue to put YOUR thoughts out there regardless of what anyone thinks, I miss ya Karma

  55. VotingFemale says:

    Nev, I can share some things to help you manage your blog comments to eliminate fights and bad behavior.

  56. nevenera says:

    Thanks to both. Karma, no worries. I am pretty stubborn that way πŸ˜‰ I am nice, but I am my own person and I don’t take kindly to being pushed around.

    Thanks VF I think from now on I will just erase any personal attacks. And explain clearly that I won’t allow that. If people want to fight, they can go elsewhere.

    I won’t be run off my own blog again lmao!

    I am the only person who decides who I associate with. I don’t associate with ideals, I associate with people.

    I think people are for the most part really stressed out these days and I think it spills over into this arena. So I am not taking much of it too seriously.

    I hope both of you are having great weather and are enjoying it πŸ™‚

  57. VotingFemale says:

    Nev, that is one of the beauties of wordpress… one is one’s own moderator.

    And there is a way of banning specific commenters as well if deleting comments does not give them a hint.

    Also you can can the setting so all comments must be approved… switching to that when things heats up is a good management tool.

  58. nevenera says:

    Thanks VF, will do πŸ™‚

  59. karmahd says:

    Hey Nev, sorry I have been offline or trying to figure some stuff out, thanks for dropping by

  60. nevenera says:

    No prob, I did pretty much the same thing, glad to see you back πŸ™‚

  61. karmahd says:

    Hey Nev I feel much better, did the boat thing and was not on much. This stuff can wear ya out!!

  62. Hey Karma, Everything looks good but I don’t see a blogroll?

    Don’t work too hard, you might get boney fingers.

  63. The Morb says:

    Hey bud !! Isn’t about time you posted up a thought ?!!! This is from April !!! I must say , this one was a very interesting read !! … I’d like to read more …

    • karmahd says:

      It all boils down to time Morb, I have many thoughts but just not the time to displace them from the file in my head to the file on the computer, I will work at that, thanks for stopping by

  64. VotingFemale says:

    hey whazzzhappppin over here? lol

    hey Morb!

  65. karmahd says:

    Nuttin, this is an old post I have been slacking, I will get something short up. K

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