Proposed Financial Plan and Obama Team Response

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Shortly after Barack Obama won the presidential election and personally buying into the message of change I visited his Transition Team internet web site. On this web site he was calling for normal people of all walks of life and backgrounds to assist he and his team with solutions to turn around the economy, I was so motivated by the President elects tone that I issued a plan addressing what I felt was the most serious problem in regard to the failing economy, housing stabilization. Over the next four days I put together a plan focused on the stopping the run off of equity in the secondary market, being involved in mortgage finance since 1983 and holding numerous high level positions in that field I felt that my background and expertise was such that what I had to offer would be worthy of at least consideration. In the attachment below I have deleted four of the five pages of the report due to some confidentiality issues, but in the header and opening paragraphs you will see the direction I choose to take.

I am posting this on my blog for the following reasons, first, my motive was altruistic and I really was concerned about our economy, second, the plan I offered would have used the existing TARP funds and at the time I issued this 12/19/08 it was significantly more cost effective than any other mortgage related plan put forth to date, and last, naively so I felt that what he said about bringing in of experts from all fields to help was sincere.

In addition to sending my plan to the Presidents Transition Team, I also copied, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, David Gregory, Jim Kramer, and several other news sites and political outlets, and up until 4/3/09 not a word in return from any of these sources. Then Friday I get the attached form letter from the Whitehouse Special Assistant to the President F. Michael Kelleher. To say the least, they were not interested in what I had to say, I could understand this tone if it were not for the fact that in the following months I have been witnessing several key parts of my proposal now coming to light.

I guess my hope would be for putting 35 hours of work into what was proposed, I would at least get a “Atta Boy! The length of time it took to obtain any sort of response is more than puzzling and shows either the system was so overloaded with my type of submission, or it was reviewed and panned, I guess I will never know. The open to the plan is pasted below for your comments and review.

To: Obama/Biden Transition Team
From: Name Deleted
Subject: Housing Price Stabilization Plan
Date: 12/19/08

Issue: Continuing devaluation and equity bleeding of the housing values in the US.

Background: With the implementation and execution of the lending policies of the last two administrations directed at increasing the availability of housing to a broader base of borrower and economic class, an artificial cloud market/value was created fueling an unsustainable housing based economy resulting in a overvaluation of real estate values and overgrowth of its supporting industries.

Solution: Housing and economy being confidence based a value floor needs to be established. A government plan offering the following would greatly enhance the possibility of a return to stabilization.

The actual plan has been deleted due to confidentiality agreement. Four pages total.

The White House – Presidential Correspondence
To: me 04/03/09
Dear Name Deleted:

Thank you for taking the time to share your views.

Americans across the country are eager for
information about the state of the economy, national
security, and a host of other issues. President Obama is
committed to making his Administration the most open and
transparent in history, and the Internet will play a major
role in delivering on that promise.

We hope that you will join us at to learn more about President
Obama’s views on a range of topics, as well as his efforts
to provide a window for all Americans into their
government. Your voice is shaping our country’s future,
and we encourage you to join us online, share your
thoughts, and build a community of connected citizens that
will help address the pressing issues of our time.


F. Michael Kelleher
Special Assistant to the President and
Director of Presidential Correspondence

To be a part of our agenda for change, join us at

  1. karmahd says:

    Whatcha think??

  2. VotingFemale says:

    Dear… Obama & Co want to give the appearance of inclusion of people and ideas for what they want to appear as genuine care about what is best for the country.

    In reality, what we are witnessing is a staged deliberate Marxist take over.

    But their real goal is bankrupting the US… forcing a total collapse and staging a total governmental takeover, the likes of which has never been seen in this country.

    And when people finally wake up… there is the possibility of serious trouble between the Socialists/Marxists and the citizenry.

  3. karmahd says:

    I was pretty Polly Anna thinking I could help and make a difference, I do wish I could post the whole plan but it is so lengthy and dry content and the fact that I sent it to the news outlets got a response I did not share from my previous employer LOL

  4. rosehips says:

    Karma, I admire what you did. I don’t think I would have had faith that anyone would listen or that I’d get anything besides a form letter back. But, you have much expertise and wisdom and the fact that you say they have implemented some of the things you suggested shows that they may have listened.

    Very impressive!

  5. karmahd says:

    Well some of the things or suggestions I offered are not new but not tried in some time, I dont want to take credit where credit is not due, but 3 of the 10 things I put forth are now starting to come to action in the latest Gethner plan, that was not a part of his first plan, so who knows, remember this is the team that said they knew nothing of the AIG bonuses LOL.

  6. ohiobelle says:

    Karma for office! I have great respect for what you’ve done. Their response was a memo typed to all those who try to help but our government isn’t interested in our help. They wouldn’t have funds avail for their spending spree unless there was a crisis. If our government had the cure for AIDS they would sit on it because the money is in the disease; not the cure… I happen to think our government is the disease and we the people need to be the cure. It’s obvious they aren’t looking out for us.

    Great post.

  7. arlenearmy says:

    Part # 1: I am reading this blog in 3 parts. So I want to respond to it in parts. I can imagine the feeling you got when you got that speedy/snappy reply from the Obama Team. You are not alone in your feelings of trying to help out.. and I too felt that Obama was sincere when he solicited formal ideas from the public. When he requested those ideas from the public I thought that he wanted the public to be “part of” the decision making process.

  8. arlenearmy says:

    Part # 2
    The reply you got back from the Obama Transition Team sounds like a form letter. They didn’t put much thought into the formal response.

    Question… What do you mean by confidentiality agreement.

  9. arlenearmy says:

    Part #3
    My brother is a hardcore Obama supporter. He & I were going to send Obama our economic recovery plan. It was a very simple one & 1 that I felt that Obama would had taken & used it immediately. But when I saw the way Obama was acting (non in best interest of US), I immediately withdrew my write-up on the project. I still have the draft & supporting documents. I am sure that if that plan would had been sent, Obama would had abused it to the fullest.

    So I am gonna wait til a republican get the presidency before I send up the idea. Who knows, the idea may be brought up .. but w/this administration I hope not.

  10. M2Elena says:

    I agree word for word with VF’s comment.
    nothing in Obama’s life from childhood to now has been genuine. It’s all an act. And now he’s capitalizing on his hard work. (Yet still must maintain the allusion.)

  11. m2elena says:

    I agree word for word with VF’s comment.
    nothing in Obama’s life from childhood to now has been genuine. It’s all an act. And now he’s capitalizing on his hard work. (Yet still must maintain the allusion.)

  12. m2elena says:

    “illusion” -whoopsie.

  13. karmahd says:

    Arlene, part 1, I really really thought Obama meant it too, in his defense or his teams I am sure they got swamped with nut bag manifestos when the opened up the gates to suggestions.

    Part 2, I mentioned previous places I worked and policies and actions that thinly could be seen as confidential, so it was suggested I do not make any part of the proposal public record, and the last thing I need is any type of law suit, I am poor and would be like a wounded fish in a shark tank.

    Part 3, the form letter I have mixed feelings about, one I did get some sort of letter or answer back from them, considering they must have had millions of emails and hits that is something in and of itself. Also I did not get an immediate form response like, thank you for you email, we will be in contact, it leads me to believe probably wrongly so, at least someone looked at what I sent.

    So who know, maybe I will get a call in another 6 months and asked for an opinion, but I am not holding my breath!!

  14. karmahd says:

    Well in my last post M2, I tried to show that the Obama Team has created the image we see on the daily news, so does the man have any depth, probably but what we seen now is a very calculated structured media image that is designed to hit all the high points to gather as much public approval as possible. This is the only way he can continue to push his agenda. I do believe if he/Obama were to state his true beliefs his poll would drop like a rock, there is too much info from the past that is starting to surface and even the most one sided rumors have some semblance of truth to them. The man does not appear to be the image!!

  15. yorksnbeans says:

    I’ve never had much faith in politics and I really want this administration to make a change for the better. I am going to hold out for a while longer until I make any judgements. I admire you for all the work you put into your submission and I know it must be disheartening to only receive a form letter in response.

  16. karmahd says:

    Hey Yorks, no biggie, I am over it… Good to see you on here, the tone of my reports on here will not be as specific on Obama just the direction of the government from here on out, its bigger than him, and we all are involved. Karma

  17. rosehips says:

    hey karma, how you doing my man?

  18. arlenearmy says:

    Did you hear the news today about the Berkshares? Town are getting their own currency printed.

    This sound somewhat similar to the plan that I was going to propose to Obama.

    • karmahd says:

      No that is funny!! Lets have each town and each state have its own money, we will turn into Europe of old!!

      • arlenearmy says:

        Ummmm .. I never thought about that, Karma. I thought it was a good idea, but I’ve not researched into the matter of currency for each state.

        I’ll pw what I was driving at.

  19. karmahd says:

    Hey Rose, have a little time to myself the last couple of nights LOL, you can only guess why…

  20. nevenera1 says:

    Hello all, I am jumping in after reading only a few comments. I actually miss the time when each country in Europe had their own currency lol.

    You all still here or are you over at VFs?

    As I look at our policies around the world, I have to wonder how much they will really change with Obama at the helm. We are saying different things, and in some ways we are approaching things differently, but our basic policies don’t seem to be changing.

    If they don’t, in a few years we will be back where we were, the world won’t be as mad at us, but there will still be some resentment festering.

    Can we really be impartial when it comes to the palestinians and Israel?
    Can we stop supporting corrupt and cruel dictators because it is in our national interest?
    Can we stop using heavy handed techniques in countries like Pakistan?

    And that is just a few of my concerns.

    But I would have these concerns with anyone, even with Hilary.

    Anyhow those were my thoughts for the night,

    Oh, how are you all doing, well I hope.

    I am haunting our old site much less these days, not much of interest there any more, the fire is gone…..

    Night all

    • karmahd says:

      Hey Nev, you are talking on my old post but thanks!! Not to sure where we will be in four years, I just hope we can afford to live!! I will go to your post and comment.

      • nevenera1 says:

        Karma, see I was not kidding when I said that I am challenged in this area (social actvities) lmao!

        Thanks for stopping by today, always glad to see you.

  21. VotingFemale says:

    And we wonder why CNN feels empowered to crap on citizens at a Tea Party…

    ala Susan Roesgen

    That bitch is disgusting… a reporter making herself the news instead of reporting the news… and using her job as her personal Bully Pulpit to attack Americans on their concern about the direction America has been on for the last four years and thee months.

    Susan Roesgen is a F*CKING ASSHOLE who gets a pat on the head from her company CNN, the Communist News Network

  22. arlenearmy says:

    I heard that Susan is not a news reporter. She is something like a commentator. Greta said that Susan tried to get a job at Fox sometime ago, but apparently Fox didn’t hire her.

  23. Karma, I’m sorry man, they probally used your ideas anyway.

    I won’t say what Obama and the people he surrounds himself with are, but what came to mind after reading this is was some scripture; in other words you gave them your pearls and they trampled them. My gosh man a stinking form letter? What the heck? Leads back to my post on his personality disorder He’s a WACKO!

    But scripture says “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine,…”

  24. nevenera says:

    Hey Karma,
    Just saying hello. I love your about page, I had not visited it before, the pictures are great. Wanted to comment on that but the comments were closed so I am doing it here.

    • karmahd says:

      Hey Nev, thank you for the kind words they do not come my way much these days, I am the scourge of Ireports LOL, Hope all is well with you, Karma

  25. nevenera says:

    What on earth is going on over there?

    I have not been on either site much these days I saw a post by Blabby, but I have no idea what is being talked about so I am as usual LMAO confused.

    I was going to try and figure it all out, but you know I don’t really want to….

    It is just a site, not that important…..

    Take care Karma

    I am OK, just busy. Which is part of the reason I have no idea what is going on…. oh, new pict no camera lol!

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